Should I apply for a job I’m not fully qualified for?

A recruiter at a company has one responsibility: to find qualified candidates! Believe me, if you are the best candidate for the job, they want to know that and they want to be your top advocate to get hired!

Typically, an HR recruiter finds that it is impossible to identify an applicant that meets 100% of the requirements listed in a job posting.

There is some levels of qualifications criteria that is non-negotiable such as experience, technical skills, etc.

But other criteria is more forgiving such as years of experience and industry background.

My rule? For mid-level, if you meet 75% of the qualifications in the job posting, send in your resume. For Sr.-level, its closer to 90%.

But rememember: YOU NEED TO connect the dots between the relevance of your experience/expertise to the job you are applying.


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One response to “Should I apply for a job I’m not fully qualified for?

  1. bmau5

    Here is my question: Entry level positions are typically asking 2 years of experience. How am I to have 2 years of experience if I have only just graduated and had 2 internships that make up 1 year of experience?

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