Some of the worst resume blunders ever

Most of these are funny, but some of them are just plain ‘ol sad.

Thanks to my friend Sandra Laws for passing these on!

* Objective: Seeking a party-time position with room for advancement

* Professional headline: 1 year old marketing executive

* Achievement: Planned new corporate facility at $3M over budget.

* Explanation of employment gap: career break in 1999 to renovate my horse

* References: Referees available upon request

* Skills: I am a rabid typist

* Strengths: Impersonal skills

* Hobbies: Enjoy cooking Chinese and Italians

* Education: College: August 1880 to May 1984

* Cover letter: I would like to assure you that I am a hardly working person.

And just how much information on a resume is too much?

* Objective: To have my skills and ethics challenged on a regular basis

* Personal Information: Married, eight children, prefer frequent travel

* Language Skills: Exposure to German for two years-but many words are inappropriate for business

* Reason for leaving last job: the owner gave new meaning to the word paranoia

* Achievements: Nominated for prom queen

* Education: Finished eighth in a class of ten

* Interests: Gossiping

* Awards: National record for eating 45 eggs in two minutes

* References: Bill, Tom, Eric – but I don’t know their phone numbers

* Salary: The higher the better

* Cover letter: Please disregard the attached resume; it’s totally outdated


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One response to “Some of the worst resume blunders ever

  1. This is why someone should always have someone ELSE proof their resume and cover letter. While these are hilarious, I do hope that someone told them about their blunder so they could fix it the next time. On the other hand, had I been the person some of these were submitted to, I might have brought them in, just out of curiosity!

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