Colorado Biz Magazine Names Best Companies in Colorado to Work for

I often ask folks I regularly interact with, “How do you like the company you work for?”

The answers are revealing.

From bank tellers, grocery clerks, mechanics, lawyers, accountants and many, many others, I get different responses.   Occasionally, a person’s face will light up as they tell me about how wonderful their boss is and about the great benefits they enjoy at their company.  Others kind of roll their eyes and mutter, “eh…its a job.”

Colorado Biz Magazine, one of Denver’s best business news sources, has come out with its annual list of “Best Companies to Work For.”  You can read the entire list by clicking here.

The list is revealing for a lot of reasons.

Primarily, corporate America in general has taken a pretty bit hit on the loyalty factor what with massive layoffs, furlow days, cuts to benefits and other cost-saving measures to combat the recession.  Regular surveys show that there is tremendous anxiety from currently employed professionals about being laid off.

But the businesses listed here recognize that being recognized as an  ’employer of choice’ helps them to attract and retain the best talent.   As important is that employers who truly have developed a beloved corporate culture enjoy greater productivity from employees that really do believe in and love their jobs.  These companies recognize that their bottom line is intricately connected to a corporate environment that recognizes and rewards the best in their employees.

Mike Cote, Editor of Colorado Biz says it best:

“These businesses continue to understand that – in good times and bad – appreciating employees, challenging them to succeed and creating workplaces that help them to thrive both in the office and beyond leads to long-term success. That means if you’re looking for a recession-proof business, you’ll probably find a few here.”

For job seekers, the corporate culture, values and mission are an often overlooked criteria in determining new employment.

When you are considering a new job, make sure you ask important questions about the corporate culture and research the company to find out exactly what the company’s values and mission express.



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2 responses to “Colorado Biz Magazine Names Best Companies in Colorado to Work for

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  2. ReadyTalk has been recognized as a Best Company to Work For for four consecutive years. The company is really open with who we are and what we are about.

    You absolutely right about job seekers needing to consider the company culture. We strongly encourage job seekers to ask us questions during the interview process and spend time getting to know us. We believe that it is much of an opportunity for them to interview us as it is for us to interview them.

    Thanks for your post.

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