Has it become easier or more difficult to find a job?

Economic analysts recently told us that our battered economy continues to experience massive job losses in practically every sector.  

But here on the front lines of the job search world, I’m seeing more and more good jobs being posted by successful and growing companies and more and more job seekers getting hired.

What do you think?  In the first 6 months of the year, has it become easier or more difficult to find a job?

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2 responses to “Has it become easier or more difficult to find a job?

  1. Rob Birch

    It’s a bit subjective for me…I think after looking for a job that will pay me to use my college degree I have found one. Pending them getting back to me…

  2. Richard

    In my situation, job searching has become more difficult. I know employers who have rejected me in the past automatically reject me on sight now
    because I am a repeat applicant.

    I am a graduate of an elite private university and have over 30 years of work experience, mostly with an industry leader. Even with those respectable
    qualifications, none of my primary and secondary target companies were interested in offering employment at any position or salary.

    I now take a mass-marketing approach to job searching. I apply for about 500 jobs per week. In a year, that is approximately 26,000 job applications. From all that time and effort, I have been to exactly four interviews – two with staffing agencies and two with actual employers – and all for positions paying less than what I was receiving in unemployment benefits.

    Based on extensive job application experience, only about 3% of employers respond to applicants not selected for further contact. Even fewer respond
    with personal comments rather than a standard rejection form letter.

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