Move Over Monster, There’s A New Kid On The Block

Guest Blog by Brad Friedman

Are you looking for your first job, changing careers, or do you just want to set yourself up to succeed in the future?  Today’s world is no longer a world where Monster and HotJobs are the only place to go to find work.

Social media websites have become important venues for building that all-important network of connections, show the world who you are and what you’re passionate about, and, quite possibly, enabling you to get the job you’ve always wanted. There are many examples of people obtaining various types of work through social networks.

Like it or not, in today’s world of job hunters, the old saying. “It’s not what you know that counts, it’s who you know,” is more true than ever. The good news is, thanks to social networks, the people you know, and the people you have access to, has expanded. What people can learn about you, has expanded too, and you now have the mechanisms you need to control it all. In the world today, some jobs aren’t posted in the traditional places, and the people you may want to attract, are the people spending time online.

Time Magazine recently published an article describing an individual who obtained a job in eleven days using a job search strategy based on the use of social media.

With free social media tools, and the ability to have unlimited distribution, you can tell people who you are, what you do, what you have accomplished, and why a prospective employer needs you on their team. Do you have a blog or Facebook page? Do you have a profile up on LinkedIn? Do you Tweet? Do you provide reviews on Yelp? Is your video resume on YouTube? If not, why not?

All these tools are available to you at little or no cost and employers everywhere are using them to look for you.  Social networks have become a place where people go to learn more about you, what you’re interested in, what you do when you aren’t working, and who you are as a person.

Social media is just one of the tools in your tool box; successful job seekers  have online and offline contacts. Be consistent. Don’t post anything on social media sites you don’t want a potential employer to see offline. Put links to your blog, YouTube resume, LinkedIn profile, and Facebook/Twitter page on your traditional, written resume. Be sure your “Brand” is consistent on every platform, and get your name out there. Your dream job is watching.

Brad Friedman is a Social Media Marketing Strategist working with job seekers and professionals to develop their online presence. Whether you want to build your sphere of influence to be more successful in your current career, or you are looking for assistance in finding a new career, Brad can help you. Mention you read this post at Andrew Hudson’s Job List and your initial consultation costs only $50. Read more social media related content at, and contact Brad directly at



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5 responses to “Move Over Monster, There’s A New Kid On The Block

  1. I agree. Monster is dead. Slain by the social networks. As a recruiter I use social networking extensively. I am heavily into LinkedIn, to the point of starting groups such as the Lab Equipment Group and even having blogs associated with the Groups–such as ( to do things the Groups cannot do like have videos, etc. I do a little bit on Facebook but haven’t pushed it (yet) like LinkedIn. Twitter is still a mystery to me however.

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  3. Kathy Kelly

    I find they all have benefits as long as you keep up with it and make sure you use it to play up your benefits. I wish more people would take advantage of it.

  4. Fabulous post! Now to effectively show people how to incorporate the next and the next and the next social media site to help them reach their goals. All without sucking a huge amount of time 🙂

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