The one, the only… Hire Me Resume Cake!

So, recession hurting your job search?  Having a hard time getting your foot in the door?  Unsure if your resume is having enough of an ‘impact’?

Introducing, the delicious, 1,700 calorie per-slice, Hire Me Resume Cake!

This bad boy will sure and highlight your qualities:  creativity, originality, hunger.

After the HR department falls off the sugar buzz from eating this pure gift of creamy goodness, the only question left is whether you are applying for the Assistant Media Planner or the Senior Pastry Chef. 

Seriously, these job search gimmicks can work occasionally, but how many cakes can you bake for a job search?  Doesn’t that get to be a bit expensive?



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4 responses to “The one, the only… Hire Me Resume Cake!

  1. nextwaveray

    I could go for a resume pizza right now. Might even work if the anchovies can be used to spell out “hire me.” Pepperoni for punctuation… Make mine a veggie, though.

  2. Rhonda Dougherty

    I love Katie McGinty’s panache! With that cake she demonstrated her cleverness, creativity, resourcefulness and willingness to go above and beyond!

    Wish I could bake – I’d copy the idea!

  3. Robert Birch

    I’ve put origami paper cranes into my thank you notes that I send to hiring managers. I say this, “The crane in many cultures represents hope AND I hope you hire me”. Don’t know if it works but time will tell…

    • Rhonda Dougherty

      Love the idea of oragami cranes as well – I think they also have something to do with well-being/health. You guys are so creative!

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